be-with the river
Be-with the dry river

First version
Paloma Marquez - 2020
Experience / Performance / Mineral Collaboration

Horizontal experimentation where rocks and human collaborate and experience the lithological cycle.
This experience seeks to be inside and be part of a dry river that travels and moves sediment through a possible space, exploring the mineral dynamics from small territories that can be manually manipulated.
The artist and collaborator witnesses the addition and subtraction of material, in a brief period of time. In this process the rocks are divided in fragments, and those pieces become part of the material flow that continues on its way.
The movement and the collision between the fragments generates sound, each one responds to the material identity of each mineral module. The mineral and the artist collaborate in the creation of a sound composition.

This experience can be done in a diversity of places and scales, due the actual situation, the activity was made with the available resources. As a communion and collaboration ritual, with the rocks that were within reach and in an accessible place.