"Certezas" (original software made in Processing for this artwork) detects the silhouette of a rock (image), generates a rain of characters that fall with the force of gravity respecting this contour. These characters are a set of drawings that I made for this work.

In its beginnings, this projection was made on a large painting. During the last year, the projection surface changed, the resulting image is projected and mapped on the natural stone, generating the dialogue between the material and the digital, the shadow generated by the stone and the light emitted by the projector.

From the beginning, man makes constant use of the resources provided by rocks. The minerals were always available and ready to be used by the man, but what other kind of relationship can they have between them? There are different real and symbolic analogies between them. For example the individuality of rocks, their development processes (lithological cycle), the bony origin of man, the migrations of rocks, etc. This is an opportunity for man, through the electronic arts and new media, to return to his facts, look at the minerals that preceded him on Earth, reflect on power relations and the ties that bind them. This project proposes a series of art-works with a lithocentric point of view, where minerals are the masters and have the voice to tell their situation, I propose a new stream of works, based on my theoretical and philosophical investigations. This series of artworks reflects on the relation between man and minerals, from an ecological and respectful point of view towards nature. Using the electrical and physical properties provided by the natural rocks found. Thus, a new theoretical field of research within the electronic arts is created, which I call LitoArte and LitoTecArt.