There is so much space and there is so much pressure in the piling up of people, of ideas, of sounds, of sensations. So compressed that it generates a large dark spot that prevents distinguishing its content, with so much air around it. That's why we would make space, we would jump to the white space that surrounds, and that's what I am doing.

The installation has the same concept of stacking as the paintings, but outside the frame, with materialized characters.

The painting (as a canvas frame) is no longer strong enough to hold them, to represent them. They are many, their stories, their personalities make them increasingly heavy. Thanks to this density they manage to escape, but nevertheless, they are not able to separate, the comfort and rutine is stronger than the desire for freedom.

The installation "Desprendidos", is made up of more than 2500 cold porcelain characters, painted and stacked.