Based on an activity given by Augusto Zanela in a class of the Master of Electronic Arts of the UNTREF.


According to the United States Geological Service, diamond is the strongest and hardest material known in the world.
Diamond comes from the Greek word ἀδάμας (adamas = invincible / indestructible)

The paper and specifically the newspaper is extremely fragile and volatile from its content to its material.
If everything that was written on the papers would remain intact like a diamond ... If everything that was written in the newspapers could be sustained for thousands of years like diamonds ...

Diamonds are one of the most sought and desired materials, entire mountains are destroyed looking for them, mountains that took millions of years to form and to form diamonds.
Paper is everywhere, it surrounds us, we waste paper, there are beautiful and precious papers, but most are dirty, wrinkled and undervalued.

With a paper we can build an origami diamond. But with a diamond ... can we build a paper?

This is a fragile, perishable diamond, full of ink, untidy, opaque and was made in 20 minutes following the instructions of a video.