Art show "With us or Against us"

Relevant documentation about Paloma Marquez

Although they belong to paper, their corporeality is inescapable. We do not see the growth of these cities nor do we accede to the knowledge of the laws of their displacement through galactic space and even then, the continuous sound of growth and linear swallowing is audible and belongs to us, envelops and binds us.

Linear and saline is the city discovered by Paloma, composed of solidified clods-previously they were fluid-now overshadowed by an amalgamated, unstoppable neighborhood, floating in the immeasurable space that Paloma warns with its representation, which makes visible the mobile perimeters.

She shows us this appearance-which few eyes see, obscured by excesses of materiality-with his eyes, "for us" lending us his fresh and lucid spatial look now turned into his work of art.

Martha Levisman. Architect archivist

(Date: 2010, about Cities series)