In the installation "Choreographic Erosion" (2019), a natural rock is intervened by another rock in movement, generating an erosion by rubbing. The device that generates this friction is an arm that repeats tirelessly the same movement, slow and constant. Allowing the rock in motion to generate a wear on the other or vice versa or mutual wear, depending on the hardness of each of the stones. During the time they are transforming one to the other leaving dust around, filing the asperities, drawing lines.

The vibrations generated by this movement are recorded, equalized and amplified several times to achieve a hypnotic, solid sound that responds to the sound search. Being three devices, the sound as a whole generates a geological dialogue, the voice of the rock in the phase of human intervention and the passage of time.

This work was presented at the Zero1 Festival in La Rochelle, France 2019.

A sound composition was created from the recording and mixing of vibrations: