PetroLumen The River
PetroLumen "The River"

Light installation

by Agustin Ramos Anzorena and Paloma Marquez
River channels are a prehistoric and constant source of movement. In their wake they draw rivers like veins that run kilometers, building a path. Its current is presented as an energetic, tireless and stubborn dance instinctively seeking its path. The work materializes as a light sculpture. Its structure is composed of a series of glass polyester resin rocks designed as unique pieces, and located forming river channels or allegorical patterns to the flow of water.
Each translucent stone hides behind a light (RGB LED). An electronic control system, provides the group of rocks with choreographic patterns of colors and rhythms, materializing the metaphor. 

This installation was presented at the Festival des Arts et Cultures Numériques (La Rochelle, France, 2019), "Mouvements Lithologiques" at Lycée Valin (La Rochelle, France 2019) and "Geological Dialogues" (Casona de los Olivera, Buenos Aires, 2019).