The transformations of the day


"... About the splendid variants, the Investigations have not yet concluded ..." (Mario Benedetti)

The boots and shoes contain and support our weight, accompany us during long journeys, leading our way. They are witnesses and evidence of our journeys, they remain intact waiting to leave ... we are the ones who change and we overlap.

These noble objects are presented metaphorically as possibilities, those that we take to another side or those that we keep for later. Also as newspapers, containing everything that happened in its history. The objects that are presented in the images are chosen specifically for their concept in front of the individual, in a totally distorted scale. Like the swarms of people who surround and compose them.

I choose everyday objects, repeating cyclically as a doubt or a desire that turns and turns in our thoughts. Questioning the most raw and original of being, nothing lacks a person who contemplates the horizon built by nature, and yet man carries and faces so many situations without stopping to look and protect around him.

It is necessary to preserve these white spaces, infinite, untouched, to contrast with the multitudinous seas that coexist within each one. The same happens with the contrast between cities and natural moors, man is so absorbed that he does not stop to value, protect, observe and reflect on his environment.

Highlight the silence / sound of space, the noise of the wind as John Cage mentions, with respect to the reduced listening of "noise", when beginning his book Silence (1961, p. 3): "When we ignore it, it disturb us . When we listen to it, it bothers us, when we hear it, we find it fascinating.) That phrase sums it up, when you stop to "listen" to previously imperceptible sounds and move away from the source that generates it, discovers its qualities and can enjoy its speech as when we listen to a melody by a tonal instrument. Use the sound aspect that characterizes the place, to give another dimension to the works.