On March 10, 2018 “Instancias” in MUNTREF was inaugurated. It was part of a project of students of the Master's Degree in Technology and Aesthetics of Electronic Arts, and the Master's Degree in Visual Arts.

Instancias exhibits works that have been developed in an academic environment using the media and going through the themes of the technological scenario. The art show is divided into three axes: Signs, Entities and Energies.

“Instancias” highlights the discursive possibilities that electronic art has developed in relation to its cultural, social and economic context, and mainly in reference to the modes of production and communication. The artists appropriate methods and techniques to propose conceptual reflections and novel materialisations.

The curators are Laura Focarazzo, Nadia Martin, Magdalena Mastromarino, Cristian Reynaga. While the artists of the works are Laura Zingariello, Javier de Azkue, Damián Zantleifer, Agustín Anzorena and Paloma Marquez, Carlos Marulanda, Carla Alemañy, Paula Cáceres and Ana Wolpowicz.

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