Dialogos Geologicos

We continue with the exhibition of projects within the framework of the joint curatorship between Casona Olivera and Laboratorio de Geopoéticas Subalternas   UNTREF.

On September 14, 2019 we inaugurated the exhibition “Geological Dialogues: sounds and mineral erosions” by Paloma Marquez and Gabriela Munguía.  This exercise together tries to build possible geographical and geological poetics on the materialities and immaterialities of the territories. Thus, mineral reunions and disagreements, from yesteryear and for the future, in the same time and space make us present the current anthropic transformations of the landscapes, but at the same time there are lentings, in each mineral fragment, the history of a terrestrial past millennial.

Gabriela Munguía and Paloma Marquez stumbled upon rocks as part of their developments in electronic arts. Eager to hear the compositional subtleties of these inorganic elements, tracing and investigating their nuances and textures and unraveling the cultural identities and memories of these fragments, they display a series of devices in which they combine mechanical, light, sound and mineral movements as an exercise to unveil a possible sound composition from the earth's entrails. This series of machinery is presented as systems and instruments generating atonal and percussive sounds where mineral matter is the central axis of experimentation and creation. The rocks become a set of permeable and porous, fragile and robust, violent and subtle expressive resources. From the making of electronic arts we present this family of devices as distant cousins, of two artists who travel different paths, but who are in the development and investigation of sound from mineral poetics. Technology and rock are presented as extremes and temporary contrasts of the same material essence where each one geolocates us at a specific and ephemeral moment in our planetary geological history. This sample invites us to listen to the dialogue generated by the sounds and interactions that each device generates; which by way of electro geomantic punctures invite us to transfer our perception of human time and space to nonhumans. An attempt to intimate the reflection on our current environmental reality from experimentation, poetics and indiscipline between art, science and technology.