Festival Zero1

The Master Degree in Audiovisual & Digital Project Management  of La Rochelle University organizes since 4 years the Festival ZERO1 of Arts and Digital Cultures. This event is lead by the association by ADPM, it takes place in the emblematic places of the city, from April 18 to 21, 2019.

In the festival, there are exhibitions, conferences, workshops and digital experiences at the service of art and heritage.

International programming (Honduras, United States, China, Argentina ...) is proposed during these 4 days. Diversified works such as interactive mapping, playful videos, sound, audiovisual works and virtual reality will contribute to a full immersion in the world of digital culture.

Website: https://www.festivalzero1.com/

In this opportunity Paloma Marquez presents  “Certezas litológicas” is a series of 3 works of LithoTechArt, related with the ideas of the Earth's cycles, natural processes and their metaphorical relationship with the presence of humans in the system, through luminous fluxes in translucent rocks, artificial erosions and micromapping on rocks. They seek to express the metaphor of the ancient and continuous natural cycles of the Earth in relation to man, from a lithocentric point of view and respectful of nature.