Rebelde Valle de la Puerta


The Valle de La Puerta winery, located in the heart of the Famatina Valley, presents its new Rebelde wine, a young specimen that joins the Artist’s Collection that the winery has been designing since the launch of the Quinquela Collection.

Rebelde, the new member of the family, comes from the hand of the plastic artist Paloma Marquez, a native of Chilecito, La Rioja, a city that surrounded by mountains and vineyards, inspired her in her compositions, including the one that today gives its name to this wine that is presented as a reluctant to the system, who takes the initiative to change course and has the audacity to look the other way, breaking with the schemes and sure of his freedom.

The launch of this wine arises perhaps in tune with her name, representing an alternative in a market that historically worked for the knowledgeable public. It is not bad to ignore, if what abounds is curiosity and daring to immerse yourself in new experiences. This is the spirit that the new wine comes to awaken, inviting a new generation that timidly but adventurously introduces itself to the world of wine, to learn the story behind each bottle, from when the grape grows in the vineyard, until It comes in your glass.

Rebelde is a young 2020 Malbec that is intense, with a scent of plums and blackberries. The flavor of it is smooth and round with notes of red fruits and a touch of black pepper, which awakens the senses, and marks his personality.