La carga de la evidencia

Text by Ernesto Pesce for the exhibition "La carga de la evidencia" in Espacio MODOS

In the work of Paloma Marquez

In the work of Paloma Marquez, the anecdote, the story of situations that have as protagonists human groups and to a lesser extent individuals, is resolved from very schematic, serial images, impossible to visualize in their singularity.

That primary human scheme, stripped, black and white, is what ends up enhancing the message, if those conglomerates of figures had a more realistic representation might turn the work into something extremely baroque.

The counterpoint created from the representation of a complex situation with simple images, the variegated sum of small figures that generate volumes, create a work that reads from the general to the particular.

Large spheres or rings are perceived as geometric works, almost minimalist forms, in a second look we can see that they are composed by infinity of small beings, that grisaille perceived at a distance becomes a human conglomerate and discovering this leads to a rereading of the work, that going and coming is one of the attractions of it.

In recent works appear as protagonists one or more suitcases, its format is old and its color representation and very realistic, these bags dialogue with the schematic characters of the previous work.

The human figures maintain their small scale, not keeping any logical relation of size with the suitcases, when interacting they create situations that go from the dramatic to the ironic.

The incorporation of an element treated with a different language causes a tension in the visual that modifies the proposal of the previous works and adds a new interest, it is important to assess the change and the risks that this attitude entails.

I find it interesting to highlight the importance that Paloma gives to titles, not with the intention of explaining the work but as the sum of languages.

Ernesto Pesce, artist