La intranquilidad de las masas


In a tacit and unsullied time-space; Paloma, returns us to the oldest manifestations of skill and thought. Brief narrations with an anonymous protagonist: individual, multiplied, collective; they are loaded with significance. They bring us closer to their plot and make us question.

Where each element constructs, in apparent synthesis, the sum of languages ​​enriches the story. Distance disguises as a stain; the proximity, discover the primary forms of figuration. Some geometry orchestra a gentle balance in tension. Meanwhile, the text redoubles the pictorial.

Rhythms explode and decelerate. Paloma, paint; Paloma, musicalize. Their characters are agitated, they shout ... and suddenly, they give themselves up to silence. Is in the counterpoint, where she clay her universe.

-The restlessness of the masses-, 7 fabrics, 1 installation, where "Today I am one, tomorrow I will tear myself again into a thousand splinters; and so, everything in this world, decanted and modulated. "(*).

Vanesa López Giacomelli, curator

(*) Vladimir Nabokov, "Sounds".


Video of the artshow "La intranquilidad del reposo" at CIC, Buenos Aires, Argentina